ECJ-HC55S Sanyo Rice Cooker and Slow Cooker

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A versatile and well made Sanyo rice cooker, the ECJ-HC55S model is considered one of the best available in its category, as it features two separate functions, one for rice dishes and one for the slow cooker. This makes it possible to prepare more dishes at the same time, therefore to reduce the time spent in the kitchen and electricity consumption.

Ideal for small families, the programmable slow cooker is appreciated by most buyers as it is easy to use, very handy and easy to clean. All these aspects are highlighted in online slow cooker reviews confirm the value of this product.

Nicely shaped, colored in white and featuring a comfortable handle for easy transportation, this product is a smart choice for anyone looking for a complex cooker suitable not only for rice dishes but also for preparing meat, vegetables or soups.

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Versatility of Use

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As any other electric rice cooker, this one is specially created to prepare a wide range of rice dishes, from white, brown or mixed grain rice dishes to sushi, haiga and many others. Thanks to the particular structure of the Sanyo rice cooker, featuring two separate inner pots, and the non-stick covering of the pans, the flavor of the rice is perfectly maintained regardless of the dishes you prepare simultaneously.

The slow cooker compartment allows you to boil eggs, steam veggies, prepare homemade tofu or delicious soups and stews while the rice is perfectly cooked, so you can save lots of time by using this versatile machine. In order to prevent foods from being burned or remaining uncooked, each compartment can be programmed separately using the built-in timer and the specific temperature settings.

Programmability & Temperature Settings

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The micro-computer chip technology makes this programmable slow cooker very easy to use and extremely helpful for people who don’t want to waste time checking their meals over and over again to see if they’re fully cooked.

The variety of programs and the built-in 24-hour timer enables you to select exactly the desired time interval for cooking every dish to perfection, whether you’re preparing rice, soups, meat or vegetables. You can program the slow cooker to boil soups or prepare stews using the 12 hour programmable timer or to steam veggies, using the special steaming function that features a timer with up to 58 minutes programmability.

Moreover, the machine has a pre-programmed mode for homemade tofu and a keep warm feature for maintaining the dishes warm for up to 12 hours after being prepared. Both these characteristics are highlighted in a large number of rice cooker reviews as they can’t be found in regular rice cookers.

The micro-computer adjusts the temperature during the cooking process based on the selected program, this feature eliminates the problem of partially uncooked meals. The control panel of the Sanyo rice cooker has an accurate LCD clock, which displays the time left until the dish is ready and which is powered by a battery with an estimated 4 years lifespan, when the device isn’t plugged into the outlet.


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Two separate inner pots are included in this electric rice cooker: one for rice, featuring a non-stick internal surface and one for slow cooking. The compartments are bottom rounded, with extra-thick walls and coated with titanium (3 mm) for even heat distribution.

Besides these pots, a tofu container for home made tofu, a steaming tray, as well as a spatula and a measuring cup are delivered together with the cooker. Also, two inner lids (one for the rice container and one for the slow cooking compartment) that prevent flavors and tastes from mixing are included in the package.

The device is equipped with a carrying handle for easy transportation, so you can simply move it from the counter onto the table when serving meals. All the components of this machine can be cleaned very fast and easily, this being one of the features that is considered as very important in numerous rice cooker reviews.

Dimensions and Capacity

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The Sanyo rice cooker measures approximately 13 by 10 by 8 inches, which is rather small compared to other cooking devices, although quite large when it comes to kitchen appliances. Despite its dimensions, the device suitable to store on most counter tables.

As for the inner containers, they are large enough for preparing various meals for up to four persons, but not for larger families, as noticed in some slow cooker reviews. The rice pot for example has a 5.5 cups capacity, which means 11 cups of cooked rice.

Customer Reviews

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From the 90 customer reviews on Amazon, no less than 71 rate this slow cooker 5 stars, so there’s no surprise that the Sanyo ECJ- HC55S has such a high popularity and it’s described by most of its buyers as a very useful and multi-function device.

As noticed in lots of the rice cooker reviews on Amazon, the programmable slow cooker is versatile and very well made, cooks evenly and features non-stick surfaces for easy cleaning, these properties recommend the tool as one of the best electric home cooking devices available on the market.

“I spent a lot of time researching various models and eventually decided on this rice cooker because of the slow cooking option.”

“This rice cooker will slow cook a variety of dishes, not only rice.”

“There are several great features with this rice cooker, still it’s simple to use.”

“Easy to use and easy to clean!”

“You can use the slow cooker function for several dishes, including Moroccan garbanzo bean stew, steamed vegetables, hardboiled eggs or brown rice and quinoa.”

“I would give this rice cooker 6 stars if I could. “

“I cook anything from rice, to oatmeal in the morning, vegetable sides, custard desserts or slow-cooked chicken and beef stews.”

“Stop researching people, this is it, buy this one!”

“This rice cooker rocks ! I can’t imagine my life without it!”

Average Amazon Rating: 4.6


Pros & Cons

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product name prosPros:

One of the greatest pros of this electric rice cooker is that you can prepare two different dishes at the same time without compromising their flavors or tastes. Due to its separate inner pots, the machine allows you to cook rice and slow cook meat or vegetables simultaneously, this turning the Sanyo rice cooker into a veritable time and energy efficient kitchen cookware item.

The special container for homemade tofu is a particularity of this programmable slow cooker and definitely a great plus, as it can’t be found in any other rice cooking machine. This accessory enables you to prepare tasty tofu in the comfort of your own home, so you can surprise your guests with a healthy and freshly made dish.

Another positive and appreciated feature of this Sanyo rice cooker is the multi language Martin Yan recipe booklet delivered with it. Providing 16 original recipes, this book is perfect for those who want to prepare delicious dishes but lack ideas or don’t know how to adapt traditional recipes to this electric rice cooker.

product name consCons:
A few customers expressed concern about the reduced dimensions of the pots. As noticed in some of the very few, less positive slow cooker reviews, the pans are quite small when it comes to preparing meals for more than four people but on the other hand, they’re perfectly sized for couples and small families. So this shouldn’t be regarded as a minus of the product, as people who cook for more than 4 persons regularly can simply opt for a larger slow cooker.

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